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Semantic Mentions

This endpoint allows you to pull semantic mentions for a given set of lodging ids in a date range.

Resource URL


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Param Value Required
api_key <your api key> Yes
pid The product id(s) of the lodging for which data is to be pulled Yes
fd The "from" date for the range of the query. This should be in the format yyyy-MM-dd.  Yes
td The "to" date for the range of the query.  This should be in the fomrat yyyy-MM-dd. Yes

Example GET Request

    "name": "Hotel ReviewPro",
    "data": {
        "date_range_from": "2013-03-01",
        "date_range_to": "2013-03-20",
        "value": {
            "negative": [{
                "32812": 1
            "positive": [{
                "2": 1
            }, {
                "32827": 1
            }, {
                "32937": 1
    "pid": 123456