Before you begin:

  • This API requires professional programing skills. ReviewPro offers very limited support, as the API is self-serve and intended for professionals with sufficient knowledge to successfully implement the desired functionality.  If you need help, please use the contact-form.
  • With the API you will not be able to retrieve the full text of reviews, since ReviewPro is not owner of that data, only processor.
  • All calls to the API should be done using SSL-service (https), http-calls will be blocked.
  • For information about authentication, look here.

About the GRI: 

The Global Review Index can only be used for internal purposes and can never be published in any form including widgets on your site.  If you have any doubt about proper usage please contact us. For building widgets on your public site, please use the GRS.

General Info

  • The interactive console is located here
  • Published Reviews IFRAME documenation can be found here.
  • Integrating the ReviewPro Quality Seal Widget instruction are located here.


All timestamps are defined as the difference, measured in milliseconds, between the current time and midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC.  This is slightly different than unix/epoch time in that that they use seconds and our format uses milliseconds.  Java and C# developers will be rather familiar with this format.

Always make sure the server is synced with a Network Time Server to avoid time-differences using NTP. A list of server adresses can be found here: www.pool.ntp.org


This API is in constant development, endpoints and methods can be changed if needed. The responses can be changed by adding new data-points without prior notification, but in only very few cases data-points will be deleted. Please process API-responses accordingly to ensure your code does not break if order of data-points is changed or new data-points are being added.