Published Reviews IFrame

  • Publishing Reviews allows you to publish reviews from online sources directly to your website
  • The Integration process is very simple, all the HTML code is generated directly from ReviewPro
  • You can quickly and dynamically publish the most favourable reviews directly from the Review tab in ReviewPro 
  • You can select which reviews will be published or unpublished by clicking on the “Publish Review” button in your review tab

How to generate the html

Start by going to the settings section within ReviewPro (note you must be an admin user). 

After clicking settings, select the Published Reviews option

Before you can configure the IFRAME you first need to define under which domains it will be valid. Please note, if you have sub domains such as, and etc, its best to define your domain as so that the IFRAME will function across the www and www2sub domains.

Here you can configure the format such as the size and colour of how it will appear on your website. You can also set up your content se>ngs such as select how many reviews you would like to display as well as whether you would like to include the bar graphs etc.

Once you have configured your iframe, click “Grab Code&rdquo

  • This is the code that you copy and paste into your website. Please note that this code will only work with the domain you specified in the earlier stages as it contains a unique secure ID specific to that domain

  • Once you have integrated the code into your website you must publish at least one review for anything to appear correctly