Lodging - Customer Survey Questionnaires

ReviewPro allows hotels to upload their customer satisfaction questionnaires via this API.  Once introduced into the system, CSQs are published as if they were reviews and appear in the relevant ReviewPro sections.  However, CSQs differ from reviews in the following ways:

  • They are not included in the calculation of the GRI or other index scores (they are not public data)
  • They are not included in distribution calculations such as  general distribution and distributions by department or language


CSQs are added to the system by sending a valid json payload in the body of the post to this endpoint.  The endpoint will validate the submitted json csq data.  If the validation is ok, the system will respond with a 200 code and queue for processing.  Once the job is queued it will processed in the next data cycle -- a data cycle generally lasts 4 - 6 hrs.  

Resource URL



Param Value Required
api_key <your api key> Yes
sig 256SHA(  api_key + secret + timestamp) signature.  Yes
pid The product id(s) of the lodging for which data is to be pulled Yes

Authentication: apy_key + signature

The JSON Data

All properties marked in orange are required

CSQ Object

Property Name  Definition
id The pid of lodging for which the data will be uploaded
source The name of source -- this will be created as a new provider in the system.  An example could be "Hotel Blue Sky CSQ"
reviews  Array of review objects.  Each review represents on CSQ.

Review Object

Review objects represent each individual CSQ item.  Properties marked in orange are required.

Property Name Definition
title The review title
text The text of the review
author The author of the review
reservationSource The reservation source
email The email of the guest
dateFormat Describes the date format using the patterns defined in SimpleDateFormat.java
 for example: format "dd/MM/yyyy" means that date "01/04/2011" is April 1st, 2011
dateOfStay Date of guest stay
language ISO 639-1 language code of the CSQ text
externalId Your internal unique identifier for this CSQ. Should be unique for the given source.
ratingValues Array of ratingValue objects

Review Values Object

Review value objects represent the value given by guest for given category such as service, room, overall or other.  Overall score is required.

Property Name Definition

The valid rating types are:




value The value of the rating
outof The max possible value of this rating type
    "source":"ReviewPro Test CSQ",
            "title":"The title of this review",
            "text":"This is the text of the review.",
            "author":"Bob Smith",
            "reservationSource":"reviewPro Test CSQ",

Link to examples

On GitHub we have uploaded a few example codes in the most often used programming languages: https://github.com/reviewpro/api_connect.