Import guests - Body request


This endpoint allows sending a survey to a list of PMS guests by adding them to ReviewPro system.

Body request contains guest data and must be a list of json strings with the following fields:

- pmsId (string) (required) (must correspond to the source id of a product associtated to this surveyId)

title (string) (optional)

firstName (string) (optional)

lastName (string) (optional)

room (integer) (optional) (please note : this field can be a string in special occasions), in that case notify the account manager)

country (2 letter string) (optional)

checkin (date) (optional, format yyy-mm-dd)

checkout (date) (required, format yyyy-mm-dd)

language (2 letter string) (required, ISO code)

email (string) (required)

market (string) (optional)

reservationSource (string) (optional)

reservationSourceName (string) (optional)

- companyReservation (boolean) (optional)

company (string) (optional)

agent (string) (optional)

loyaltyMember (boolean) (optional)

loyaltyId (string) (optional)

roomType (string) (optional)

currency (string) (optional)

roomPrice (real) (optional)

roomRevenue (real) (optional)

- foodRevenue (real) (optional)

otherRevenue (real) (optional)

totalRevenue (real) (optional)

guestType (string) (optional)

extraFields (json string) (optional) (this json string can contain any number of pairs "field": "string value")



    "pmsId": "TER034", 
    "firstName": "Golan",
    "lastName": "Trevize",
    "room": "112",
    "checkin": "2017-02-27",
    "checkout": "2017-03-04",
    "language": "en",
    "email": "",
      "alias": "Lightning Rod"