The delivery-endpoint looks at the delivery stats for a specific property in a specific period for a specific survey.
  1. deliveredFirstDelivery: Volume of emails delivered as first delivery (reminders not included)
  2. deliveredTotal: Total volume of emails delivered (first delivery and reminder)
  3. openedRateTotal: Total open rate (percentage) of all emails (first delivery and reminder)
  4. deliveredRateReminder:  Delivery rate (percentage) of reminder emails
  5. openedTotal: Total volume of opened emails (first delivery and reminder)
  6. sentReminder: Volume of emails sent as reminder
  7. sentTotal:  Total volume of email sent as first delivery and reminder
  8. openedReminder: Volume of opened emails of reminder
  9. bouncedRateFirstDelivery: Bounce rate (percentage) of first delivery emails
  10. openedRateReminder:  Open rate (percentage) of reminder emails
  11. deliveredRateFirstDelivery: Delivery rate (percentage) of first delivery emails
  12. openedFirstDelivery: Volume of opened emails of first delivery
  13. bouncedTotal: Total volume of bounced emails
  14. bouncedRateReminder: Bounce rate (percentage) of reminder emails
  15. sentFirstDelivery: Volume of emails sent of first delivery (reminder not included)
  16. openedRateFirstDelivery: Open rate (percentage) of first delivery emails
  17. bouncedRateTotal: Total bounce rate (percentage) of all emails
  18. bouncedReminder:  Volume of bounced reminder emails
  19. deliveredRateTotal:  Total delivery rate (percentage) of all emails
  20. bouncedFirstDelivery: Volume of bounced first delivery emails
  21. deliveredReminder:  Volume of reminder emails delivered

sentFirstDelivery + sentReminder = sentTotal

deliveredFirstDelivery + deliveredReminder = deliveredTotal

( deliveredTotal / openedTota l) * 100 = openedRateTotal

( sentReminder / deliveredReminder ) * 100 = deliveredRateReminder

( sentFirstDelivery / deliveredFirstDelivery ) * 100 = deliveredRateFirstDelivery

bouncedFirstDelivery + bouncedReminder  = bouncedTotal