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Social media and review analytics are changing the hospitality industry. At ReviewPro, we've been focused on providing hotels with the highest quality and largest quantity of online guest-written review data available worldwide. Recognition of this leadership position has led to ReviewPro data being used by publications such as USA Today Travel and The Economist, being included in Wired magazine's list of hottest startups to watch, and winning the Travel Innovation Summit by PhoCusWright as the "emerging company most likely to change the travel industry."

Now, through the ReviewPro Developer Network, this data is accessible to companies that want to integrate our analytics into the products they are building.

Hotel companies: Use social data to unlock insights from your existing business data 

Hotels we work with at ReviewPro are accessing general online guest satisfaction indexes, business department indexes, and customer demographic information via the ReviewPro API, and cross-referencing this social data with internal business performance data to make better management decisions. Additionally, by comparing customer satisfaction trend reports with data from outside market intelligence systems, they create a richer set of information to uncover new opportunities and gain competitive advantage. 

Technology companies: Leverage Big Data to provide breakthrough innovation

Many of our technology partners are now embedding ReviewPro data into their products to provide more accurate prediction software to guide management strategy for their users. Strategy recommendation models become more accurate and valuable once customer social inputs are included. 

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